How important is love at first sexual experience?

How important is love at first sexual experience?

The first sexual experience never looks, at least as the specialists say. There is a relationship that is formed between the body and the soul and the first night of love, the first butterflies in the stomach, the first stronger beating of the heart, and the nights spent with the memory of those moments can not be forgotten so easily.

Therefore, it is preferable for the first sexual experience to take place between partners who love, respect and trust each other, otherwise deception can leave deep wounds and adversely affect intimate life for many years.

Even if the first experience will not, almost, never last, young people are allowed to dream, there is nothing wrong in imagining that they will stay together for the rest of their lives after the first night. The stronger the feelings, the more the event will be more special and will remain a magical memory for the rest of the life even though it tends to blur and lose importance over the years.

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