Nimfomana: deviant sexual behavior. What are the causes?

Nimfomana: deviant sexual behavior. What are the causes?

Sex addiction, called in some contexts and nymphomania, is at the border between play, pleasure, madness and disease. However, many specialists consider it more a disease. A sex-addicted person is obsessed with the thought of having sex, but not every time he gets a real pleasure from that sexual act.

precisely, the person who does not resist sex suffers from a disorder of the body that pushes her to be dependent on the release of certain hormones and sexual receptors specific to sexual intercourse and climax.

Another cause of sex addiction may be of an emotional nature, and the person constantly feels the need for affection, involvement in even a passenger relationship and physical proximity. The result is the switch from one sexual partner to another, in a desperate attempt to feel appreciated, touched, caressed, loved even for a few minutes.

Far from the preconceived ideas of modern society, this is one of the main reasons why many depressed, abused, abandoned, or unfortunate childhood girls become prostitutes, companions or women with a very liberal sexual life.

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