Men want sex more often than women. Here’s why!

Men want sex more often than women. Here’s why!

Men want sex more and more often than women! Click! Specialist, psychologist Liliana Lupu, tells us if this is a bias or true.

In principle, sexual desire (libido) is equally strong for both partners. If the desire of one oscillates, the causes may be first and foremost when the two are present: very stressed, tired, etc.

We are dealing with two types of desire: that of the man who wants everything “suddenly”, while the woman exhibits another desire, characterized by the knowledge of the partner, which is achievable in a certain period of time varies from one woman to another.

This is because most women fail to separate the love of sexual instinct, a phenomenon commonly encountered in men.

They are looking for a partner for sexual satisfaction, as if they were looking for a prey. And then, what would be done to bring desire to a common denominator?

Are men prepared to be more patient, courteous and tender? Or can women leave their instincts uncensored, stopping to translate into the “woman-object” passive posture?

In order to have a satisfactory sexual life, a solution can be the alternation of roles between “domineering” and “dominated”.

And as women prefer to obey the man’s wishes, I recommend them to become “domineering” from time to time, without becoming aggressive, though!

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