5 Great Dance Benefits in the Modern World

5 Great Dance Benefits in the Modern World

Dance combines in the most beautiful and emotional way the movement with music, art, communication, bringing good mood and health. Dance has existed in every man since ancient times, born as a way of expressing feelings, emotions, social events, phenomena of nature or simply as enchantments.

The multiple transformations of dance are closely related to the transformations of the communities in which it manifests, from “pure” tribal dances to transformations that climb dance to the height of education, such as ballet, for example, sports dance and so on.

Today it is accepted that dance does not only play a role of art or education but also of therapy. Nowadays it is known that one of the best methods of emotional discharge, stress relieving, weight loss and communication is dancing.

Here are some of the most important benefits of dancing, which we can enjoy with little, great!

Dance helps us lose weight


Dance is one of the most fun ways to move. Dancing, you can hardly notice the effort that your body makes to carry out specific movements, so eliminating excess kilos is done in a very pleasant way.

Virtually any type of dance helps in the weight loss process, as it involves movements that put into action several groups of muscles simultaneously. That is why those who love to dance and even put into practice this desire are always weak.

Dance is fighting depression
Because while dancing the stress of the body “consumes”, dance becomes a means of relaxation and psychological therapy. There are even techniques of dance meditation.

Dance balances the psyche and eliminates the emotional tensions accumulated. It thus brings good pleasure and successfully combats mental disorders like depression, anxiety, etc.

Dance strengthens bones and tonifies muscles
In particular, adult bones are “helped” in the process of reshuffling by mechanical forces that are made by the muscles. Thus, traction, muscle pressure does not only help to good muscle tone, but also to strengthen bones and even prevent osteoporosis.

For children, dancing helps in muscular-skeletal growth processes, prevents spinal cord diseases such as scoliosis for example and also helps dance to grow and harmonize the baby.



Dance “slows down” aging
Yes! Dance, like other types of movement or sports, has the ability to slow aging processes, moving is an important factor in longevity. Sport reduces body stress and mental stress – stress that is known to affect the functions of our body’s cells and accelerates aging processes.

Dance protects the heart
The benefits of dances for health are due to the fact that this form of movement is a good cardiovascular protector, both through the effects of movement on the vessels and the heart, as well as by eliminating the psychic stresses that can affect us. During dances, heartbeat increases easily, circulation increases, increases body oxygenation and cardiovascular “tonus” gets better.

Unlike other performance sports, dance does not lead to pathological changes of vessels and / or heart (eg heart muscle hypertrophy – one of the most common issues of performance sports, including football).


Although dance has many positive effects on the whole body, there are some contraindications that target the less resistant. Thus, dances involving a higher degree of physical effort are contraindicated for people with lower limb joints or those with severe cardiovascular problems. However, a simple consultation with your specialist may explain the amount of effort you can make, so that you can enjoy all of this enjoyable dance activity.

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