10 admits lies in every happy relationship

10 admits lies in every happy relationship

Honesty is the key to every relationship, be it loving or not. When we talk about a long-term relationship, the first thing that comes to mind is probably trust. Totally true. Trust is the strength of a relationship, but in order to have trust, we must first obtain it by demonstrating that the love and patience of the other person is useful.
There are also some lies that are not only allowed, but are also recommended to help us strengthen the connection with the loved one. We are not referring to lies like “No, I have not betrayed you”. In no case, but a “Yes, I like the gift you gave me”. It is allowed.


Here are 10 prerequisites in every happy relationship

1. “You’re right!”
A sort of “we agree that we do not agree”. It’s the perfect lie when the spirits get warm and the conversation begins to take the form of a dispute. You can stop the conflict from getting even bigger by showing your guard down. Finally it’s better for me.

2. “I’m fine.”
He said something you did not like, but this is not an end of the world, seriously. Give me some time to work out what you’ve just heard, and then you can reopen the topic when you have new and strong arguments to deal with it. You might even realize that he really did not say anything that serious, and you just exaggerated a little.


3. “I think I understand what you mean.”
No, you do not understand, but you’ll know it for the next five minutes, so do not ask him to explain it again. Nobody likes to feel disrespectful towards your partner, so show him you’re careful all the time.

4. “I would do anything for you!”
Did you jump off a bridge after him? Probably not, but doing something for your loved one is more than you think, and sometimes it could be even easier to do something radical than what is good for both. Do not worry, you will not have to jump, but you have to be there in difficult times, so be prepared.

5. “I love you more than anything else!”
More than ANY? Ice cream, have you forgotten? No, you do not love him more than anything else in the world, because you have a separate love for every thing / person you love. As you love chocolate, you’ll never love it, but it’s a wonderful lie to hear it!

6. “The dinner is fantastic!”
This person has made an incredible effort to impress you, so you can not tell him that you do not like what he has prepared for you! It will improve over time. You can even have a chance to cook together and then you will be able to learn the true art of cooking, but until then, be grateful and understanding!


7. “You look fantastic!”
This is a rather delicate lie. If you’re at the beginning of the relationship, it’s perfect, but in a long-term relationship you should help your partner choose the right pieces for him. Do not let him leave the house like a clown, but he will not destroy his self-esteem.



8. “No, I do not think he / she is attractive!”
But you turned your head, admit it! If you know your boyfriend jealous by nature, better use this lie to avoid conflict unnecessarily, but if you like it that looks at the same people at the same time and knows how to appreciate a beautiful body, then you should not need to lie it.

9. “I love this gift!”
The gesture counts more than the gift, right? Now that we have established this, we know that maybe a sweater with a reindeer is not exactly ideal in mid-July, but it looks good, you’ve already prepared Christmas. You never know what efforts that person has made to give you a gift, so be grateful even if you may not like what you have received.

10. “Of course I like to sleep in the tent!”
You have already booked a luxury hotel room in the area, but he loves nature. Seriously, it’s a great exercise to make you enjoy nature, and you’ll see that you’re willing to make an exception for him and will surely appreciate it. Furthermore, any sacrifice made in the name of the relationship will bring you closer to each other. This obviously does not damage your feelings.

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