The most popular sexual positions in Europe

The most popular sexual positions in Europe

the medical site Dr. Ed has interviewed 2000 people in Europe and the United States about their favorite sexual positions and what they want to try most.



The study showed that more than one-third of those surveyed responded that “Doggy style” is their favorite sexual position. “Missionary” came second for 23%, followed by “Cowgirl” to 19%. Position “69” was chosen by 4%, followed by “Spooning”, shows indy100. As for geographical areas, there are some differences in people’s favorite positions. “Doggy style” is number one in the UK, USA, Germany, Spain, France, Austria and Romania. Poles prefer “Spooning,” the Netherlands prefers the “Missionary,” while Belgium, Switzerland and Italy choose the “Cowgirl” favorite.


When it comes to the positions people want to try, “Tabletop” was ranked first, followed by “69 standing”, mace and anal sex.

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