Find out what are the 5 sexual positions that men hate

Find out what are the 5 sexual positions that men hate

For a woman it can be hard to believe, but there are certain positions that men just hate. And some of these positions are just those recommended by women’s magazines. This should not surprise you, because with few exceptions there are very few positions to please everyone, that is to say, to all women and to all men. After all each body is different, it responds differently to stimuli, so it’s hard to say that there is only one position, in particular, that is just as exciting for every person on this earth. So you should not be surprised that a certain position is for a man “super” while for another is “terrible”.

With this in mind, this is the answer of men linked to the least exciting sexual position they have ever tried.

“It is not part of my favorites … that is to say, to face it face to face, to be more accurate. Conversely, that is, the partner with the back is extraordinary, but tangle when standing face to face is too much work and too little pleasure. If the man does not have a physical force out of common position, he only creates headaches, “says Gordon, 35.

2.The woman above the sudden movement
“I like when the woman who is above knows what she has to do. But nothing scares me harder than the woman who just jumps while she’s on top. At such times, I’m afraid the penis will come out, not go anywhere and wake up with the fractured organ, “says Matthew, 29 years old.



3.The woman on the man’s face
“I like to have sex with a girl, but I do not want her to put her whole sex on her face. I know that some of my friends like this, but I can barely breathe, she’s tense, so I’d rather have sex in another position, “Henry says, 32 years old.

4.Position spoon
“I really hate this position. It’s pretty weird, especially if you and your girlfriend have the same height. And what do you do with your hand on the side where you’re stretched? He always tangled me. And, worst of all, I imagine the third person would see us – it seems to me that I would be laughed so I lose all my concentration, “Stuart says, 30 years old.

5.The woman above but rests with her back against the man’s chest
“I like this position but not when my girlfriend stretches back by leaning on my chest (maybe she’s tired). Every time he does this, I can imagine how the penis goes out. If she’s tired, I’d rather just stop using it as a mattress while we’re making love, “Michael said, 29 years old.

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