The 9 Erotic Toys You Need To Test

The 9 Erotic Toys You Need To Test

Test your adventure spirit and go from simple or double vibrators to the wonderful world of really fancy toys! No matter what you are looking for from this type of accessories, they can give you unforgettable moments of enjoyment.

Before you buy them, give yourself a respite to decide what you want from a sex toy. Do you want stimulation? Do you want to move your G point? Do you desire toning your pelvic muscles or something for your partner? Once you have set this up and informed yourself well, you will certainly find something suitable amongst the accessories listed below by specialists.



1. Waterproof Vibrator for sex in shower
Do not keep toys in the bedroom! Many vibrators are more waterproof, so they can also be used in the shower or in the tub. Feeling water on your skin will make you feel more sensual, have a more “hot” experience.

2. Vibrators with remote control
Can there be anything more exciting? Vibrators with remote control have settings with different levels of intensity. Try to put this discreet vibrator in your intimate lingerie and give your partner the remote to play!

3. Body massage toys
Do not seek toys strictly for the genital area – you can also use toys to massage the entire body before penetration. Massage is exciting because it is an intimate act, and the simple touch releases oxytocin – the love hormone.

4. Play … “with the fire”!
Do you think the vibrators are made of silicone only? Think it over! This accessory can be made of glass, which means you can heat it in hot water or cool it if you want to experience different temperatures and sensations.

5. Try a bondage kit
Think of eye, wrist and ankle bindings to bring excitement to another level. The beauty of being tied is that you will try new things and sensations, thus removing the predictable and generic path that you follow when you have sex before.



6. Stimulate the “hot”
Vibrators are not just for you – there is no rule that says you can not use them to stimulate your partner too! A small vibrator is perfect to stimulate the perineum area and turn the game into a truly explosive!

7. Toys with two peaks
Sex toys are not just for prelude or post-lud. Some can be worn while making love to double the level of pleasure of both. Some vibrators are made for both clitoral stimulation and G point, but vibration is exciting for the man’s penis.

8. Try a pen ring
Who would have said that a sex toy can make men have stronger and longer erections? A vibrating penis ring not only stimulates both of you and helps trigger explosive orgasms but also improves your partner’s performance.

9. Toys for anal sex
It’s understandable if you have a reserve at first, but it’s good to know that toys for the anal area can bring you extra pleasure by giving your partner the last taboo. Toys can be a great way to experience the most secret sexual desire. Just make sure you use a toy that does not look too scary.

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