The “hidden” erogenous areas of the partner. How to be stimulated

The “hidden” erogenous areas of the partner. How to be stimulated

The best hypostasis to stimulate the “hidden” erogenous areas of the partner, perineum, anus and prostate is the “69” position. However, the best way you can do it is to sit on your knees in bed, with your legs loose and face to one side. This position allows a maximum opening of the buttocks.

As you stimulate the penis with your hand, try to get a lubricating finger on the groove between your buttocks. Then, make rotating movements around the anus. It should have a very pleasant feeling. If so, try to push the pointer inside. If it comes in slightly, it means your partner is relaxed and enjoys these sensations.

If it enters hard, it means your partner has not relaxed. In this case, you continue to massage the anus by rotating movements. Once the muscle is relaxed, you can take the finger-moving moves. These movements will indirectly stimulate the prostate.

To eat the prostate you have to press it directly, and that means inserting your finger or a special sexual toy for the rectum. A proper sex toy should locate the prostate and even leave it in the rectum during sexual intercourse. Thus, no fluid from the anus will flow.

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